There are a number of coaching options availible from one to one skills sssions through to personalised training plans, whatever the goal, be it the challenge of a charity ride through to international racing I can help you achieve your goal.


Personalised training plans

Having an exeperinced coach to orgainse your training and support you along the way is essential for you to get the most out of yourself. A generic training plan for an event is better than nothing but will only get you so far.

A personalised plan looks at your goals and aims, assesses where you currently are and what you need to improve to get you to achieve your goals. The training sessions are based around the time that you have availible so that you get the most out of every minute you are training.

A great place to start a training programme is with a fitness assesment and at BW Cycling we use true zone VO2 metabolic profiling to assess your current fitness and establisgh training zones for heart rate and power.

Personalised training plans are not just for elite althletes but anyone looking to achive a goal and challenge themselves, examples of recent clients include

-Charity four day London to Paris ride

-The Etape and Marmotte sportives

-Returning to cycling fitness after inactivity

-Local third Category road racing

-National Level Elite XC mountain bike racing

-National Youth road and track racing

-12hr mountain bike racing

-Tour of wessex Sportive

The cost of this service is £80 per month and there is no minimum or maximum duration.

If you would like more details or to organise a training plan please contact oli@bwcycling.co.uk